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‘Collaborative Future Making’ explained

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A key challenge today is that we have lost both our individual and collective capacity for imagination. The ability to imagine radically different versions of what could constitute a future sustainable city and to involve and engage citizens on equal terms will be crucial to cope with increasingly complex societal challenges. I have had the… Read more »

For a European “social cities” policy!

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Calls for a (more) social Europe are part of European social democracy’s DNA, and will certainly be top of the agenda in the 2019 European election campaign. The call for a “social progress protocol”, building on the European Pillar of Social Rights adopted in November 2017, will feature prominently in this regard. However, we, as… Read more »

Building the democracy of tomorrow in our cities

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While the percentage of the global population living in urban areas continues to rise and now exceeds 50%, the construction of sustainable, democratic cities represents one of the major challenges of the 21st century. As places featuring lots of intermixing, innovation, cultural creation and dissemination as well as strong economic driving forces, cities simultaneously face… Read more »

Exploring the features of European progressive cities

The Progressive Post (PP) – When do you think that European towns and cities started to become progressive? Charlotte Halpern (CH) – There was a clear turning point in the 1970s when a concentration of middle class people and those with greater wealth and education showed an increased interest in culture, sport and quality of… Read more »

Social housing in Vienna: the Vienna Model

Numerous international delegations have travelled to see Vienna in the past couple of years to get to know its subsidised housing programme. Almost as often, the city has been invited to present the ‘Vienna Model’ abroad. Most of the topics broached focus on the overriding question: ‘How is Vienna doing it?’ There are many harmonised… Read more »

Editorial Progressive Post 8 – Progressive cities

Brussels, Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon: through cities such as these, led by progressives of a new generation, social democracy continues to show that it is alive and kicking despite the efforts of those who wish to bury it. It is a social democracy of proximity, which responds to the questions and concerns of local residents…. Read more »