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Money for nature: bridging the green funding gap

By Ludovic Suttor-Sorel / 3 June, 2020

The European Green Deal sets a pathway for Europe’s transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon, circular and biodiversity-friendly economy. But how to fund this transition? With appropriate incentives and information, a part of the transition can be achieved. Meanwhile, for projects that do provide public value, but which are not financially...

An historical breakthrough for the European Union?

By Maria João Rodrigues / 30 May, 2020

All crucial moments in the history of European integration have been like this: a deep crisis, a risk of collapse, a new collective solution. Will it be like this this time around? When the current legislature began, the European Union already had challenges enough: big power games on the global...

A new generation pact for a sustainable and resilient European economy

By Nuno Almeida Eça / 29 May, 2020

The corona pandemic had demonstrated some of the fragilities of our current economic system. Like CO2-emissions, the virus does not care about borders. It affects a country independently of its economic situation and it puts at risk the health of all citizens. However, the poorest and the most vulnerable are...

We can’t return to normal because the past normal was precisely the problem

By Nancy Yuk / 29 May, 2020

As the commission has laid out its proposal for an ambitious COVID-19 recovery plan of 750 billion Euro – which rightly prioritises solidarity and action – more than a common debt will be needed to tackle the climate issue. The EU should not, and cannot, afford to forget what Ursula...

Can the EU’s recovery plan also succeed in advancing green goals?

By Iain Begg / 29 May, 2020

Two themes will dominate EU policymaking over the next few years: the medium and longer term ‘green deal’ and the much more immediate imperative of an effective response to the Covid-19 economic crisis. Can they be reconciled or does the one risk crowding out the other at a time of...

Debt monetisation for the emergency, EU bonds for the recovery

By Alberto Botta / 27 April, 2020

The three authors unveil a strategy to fight the COVID-19 emergency and to relaunch the European economy The global spread of the Covid-19 crisis is now in the headlines worldwide, and it is at the centre of discussions among politicians, policymakers, scientists and common people alike. The spread of the...

What is at stake is… well, everything!

By Shahin Vallee / 27 April, 2020

President Macron was correct when he hailed the recent meeting of the European Council as a “moment of truth”. There are essentially two truths that were revealed by this meeting, two truths which are likely to shape the way the EU and its monetary union will be going forward. The...

Inventing a new EU budgetary capacity?

By Maria João Rodrigues / 24 April, 2020

The European Council in face of historical responsibilities. It seems like the European Council started realising the real scope of this crisis. This is not only a daunting health threat taking everyone by surprise, this is bringing the deepest economic slump in the last ninety years and which will magnify...

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