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Russia and Europe after the presidential elections

On the eve of his fourth presidential term, Putin seems to enjoy a stronger mandate than ever before. Weighing domestic and international circumstances, is it reasonable to expect foreign policy changes during Putin’s fourth term? What could the impact of these changes on the European Union? How should the EU respond to possible openings in… Read more »

Putin 2024 A re-election ritual

In the run- up to Russia presidential election, two things were clear from the very start: that President Putin would be re-elected, and that his main potential challenger, anti-corruption crusader Alexey Navalny, would not be allowed to run. Navalny was barred from the election because of a conviction in a case that he and his… Read more »

After the Russian presidential elections: Preparing for the post-Putin era

Despite an overarching continuity, the 18th of March nevertheless marks an important juncture in Russian politics: it is the beginning of Putin’s last term in office – at least if he sticks to the Russian constitution. His fourth term in office lasts until 2024, but the succession question is quickly rising on the agenda. Speculation… Read more »

How democracy serves Putin

The Kremlin leadership organized a massive get-out-the vote campaign during the last few weeks. It was probably not too concerned about the outcome of the vote. Putin would be re-elected. And he was, with a resounding 76.6 percent of the popular vote, higher than in any of the earlier presidential votes. Nobody expected anything else…. Read more »