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Putin 2024 A re-election ritual

In the run- up to Russia presidential election, two things were clear from the very start: that President Putin would be re-elected, and that his main potential challenger, anti-corruption crusader Alexey Navalny, would not be allowed to run. Navalny was barred from the election because of a conviction in a case that he and his… Read more »

After the Russian presidential elections: Preparing for the post-Putin era

Despite an overarching continuity, the 18th of March nevertheless marks an important juncture in Russian politics: it is the beginning of Putin’s last term in office – at least if he sticks to the Russian constitution. His fourth term in office lasts until 2024, but the succession question is quickly rising on the agenda. Speculation… Read more »

How democracy serves Putin

The Kremlin leadership organized a massive get-out-the vote campaign during the last few weeks. It was probably not too concerned about the outcome of the vote. Putin would be re-elected. And he was, with a resounding 76.6 percent of the popular vote, higher than in any of the earlier presidential votes. Nobody expected anything else…. Read more »