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Slovakia Elections

Not much hope for progressives and the EU in Slovakia after elections

By Radovan Geist / 5 March, 2020

Slovakia was ripe for a political change. The era of Prime Minister Robert Fico (2012-2018), which started with a promise of a leftist corrective to liberal economic reforms, as well as the fight against corruption and oligarchic politics, ended with a culturally and politically divided country, threatened by corruption and...

Progress in Slovakia? Mixed election results

By Brigita Schmögnerová / 5 March, 2020

A short analysis of the parliamentary results in Slovakia prove the weakened left-right division and the victory of populism reflecting the disappointment with the 12 years government of the Social-Democratic Smer party and its leader Robert Fico. The election was won by the social populist Igor Matovič with promises to...

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