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Social cohesion

Radically transforming the EU economy – and how to finance it

By Ann Pettifor / 4 September, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a simple truth: today’s model of globalised, financialised capitalism, teetering on a shaky foundation of vast debts and costly credit, cannot deliver human well-being. In order to reverse the course, a safe ecological load has to be fixed – a ‘Plimsoll line’, like the white...

The challenge of Europe: growth and social cohesion

By Pedro Sanchez / 9 November, 2017

The Great Recession and the errors in European economic policy have led to a sharp increase in inequalities; a problem that, along with climate change, is the particular challenge for Europe in the next decades.   The inequalities that are emerging are morally unjust, undermining economic growth and dangerously undermining...

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