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Future of Europe: providing leadership for a new era to come

By Ania Skrzypek / 13 December, 2019

Brussels is being taken by a great wave of excitement. The launch of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” has already become a turning point. It marks leaving the junction of the crisis or post-crisis debate, and moving on to a deliberation about what role the Union should play...

Progressive Pod on Romania Elections

By Maria Freitas / 10 December, 2019

The first and second round of the presidential elections in Romania reconfirmed incumbent President Klaus Iohannis of the Liberal National Party (PNL) for a second mandate. PNL secured 66% of the vote and was followed by the Social Democrat Party (PSD) with 34%. The story of the country’s 2019 election...

Spain: in search of a new beginning

By Oriol Bartomeus / 13 November, 2019

The repetition of the general elections that took place on Sunday, November 10th, has shown that Spain stays where it was… although a little worse. The radicalization of the right has destroyed the centre-right and propelled the extreme right to the third place, with 3.6 million votes and 52 seats...

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Defending Progressivism

By Patrick Diamond / 28 October, 2019

The French president Emmanuel Macron claims to embody today’s progressivism, as opposed to ‘nationalism’. The profound difficulty for his concept though is that he lacks both a rigorous analysis of capitalism, and a clear understanding of the enduring importance of nation-states. A new concept of progressivism in Europe has to...

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New Democratic Party (NDP) Loses Seats but Gains Influence as Liberals Lose Majority in Canadian Federal Election.

By Andrew Jackson / 23 October, 2019

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberals were reduced to a minority government and just 33% of the popular vote on October 21, down from 39.5% in 2015. With 170 seats needed to form a majority, they will hold 157 seats, down from 184 in 2015. The Liberals lost seats...

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Death of the Old, birth of the New

By László Andor / 17 October, 2019

Establishing a new European Commission is always a bumpy ride. Collecting enough votes in the European Parliament, receiving the right nominations and allocating the commissioner designates to their future portfolios in a convincing way is a multidimensional chess game that brings daily excitement to the Brussels bubble. The new Commission...

Climate and Clash in the UN General Assembly.jpg

Climate and Clash in the UN General Assembly

By Maria João Rodrigues / 4 October, 2019

A clash of visions took place in the last General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Not a clash between patriots and globalists, as Trump declared during his 35-minute speech in front of a tense and silent audience of world leaders. But a clash between nationalists and those...

Austria: no easy coalition for Kurz.jpg

Austria: no easy coalition for Kurz

By Maria Maltschnig / 3 October, 2019

Conservatives and Greens scored well in the Austrian elections, while the Social Democrats fell to a historic low. The previously strong far-right finally stumbled over its numerous scandals. Until last Sunday, most political analysts agreed that events that occur less than ten days before an election don’t lead to significant...

Czech social democrats find themselves in a government trap.

Czech social democrats find themselves in a government trap

By Filip Outrata / 18 September, 2019

The disadvantageous government coalition with the pragmatic-populist ANO party (Renew Europe) led by Andrej Babiš is a threat not only to ČSSD but to the left as such. An easy solution does not seem to be on the horizon. I wonder how many members of the Czech Social Democratic Party...

Danish Social Democrats: the struggle to rebuilt trust.jpg

Danish Social Democrats: the struggle to rebuilt trust

By Peter Koch Palshøj / 29 May, 2019

Perhaps the script of Shakespeare’s Hamlet should be rewritten: Something interesting is happening in Denmark! Voters leave the populists, and some of them move to the Social Democrat party. Soon, Denmark may have a Social Democrat government, built on a centre-left majority. The spring of 2019 is an exhausting season...

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