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Progressive politics in the Middle East: Israel and the region

By Ksenia Svetlova / 13 January, 2021

The Abraham Accords that were signed recently between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be equalled to a tip of an iceberg: much more is laying beneath the surface. These accords were signed only in September 2020, but they build upon two decades of diplomatic work, communications...

Fighting fake news should be a priority as it poses an existential threat to the EU

By Paolo Celot / 18 December, 2017

‘Fake news’ is a hot political subject, in particular given that it is frequently spread quickly via social media. In an interview with Alain Bloëdt, Editor-in-Chief of The Progressive Post, with Paolo Celot, Secretary General of the European Association for Viewers’ Interests (EAVI), gives his views on the trends behind...

How will Germany’s new law combat fake news and hate crime?

By Heiko Maas / 18 December, 2017

Germany has passed a new law to counter hate crime and fake news on social media networks. When users report potentially illegal content it will be up to the social media to check that content and delete it speedily if it is illegal. If they don’t comply they will face...

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