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Protecting workers’ rights in a changing world of work

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In her analysis of the European Commission’s proposals for a Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions, Barbara Gerstenberger looks closely at the growing challenges posed by non-standard forms of employment and new forms of employment (e.g. casual work and platform employment). Changes in the world of work have led to a situation where rules… Read more »

EU’s working conditions’ proposals good but more needs to be done

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MEP Siôn Simon gives his views on the issue of workers’ conditions in the 21st century in the context of the Commission’s legislative proposals for more transparent and predictable working conditions. The exponential growth of online platforms like Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon has created a new challenge for employment rights. And the Europe-level response to… Read more »

The EU law on transparent and predictable working conditions is positive

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Until now, the Written Statement Directive has led rather a shadowy life. Things are changing now! The appeal of combining an approach setting EU wide minimum requirements for employment contracts as the EU revises the existing Written Statement Directive is obvious. Looking at the issues in the German context, Dr Frank Lorenz explains why he… Read more »