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The Israeli right: authoritarianism and ethnic supremacy

By Roee Kibrik / 13 January, 2021

To understand Israel properly, one must get to know the political right, its characteristics, components, and the changes it has undergone in recent years. The right has been in power since 1977, save for the brief terms of Yitzhak Rabin (1974–77, 1992–95) and Ehud Barak (1999-2001) as prime ministers. It...


Bergkamen: A model for cities run by Social Democrats?

By Roland Schafer / 11 June, 2018

Roland Schäfer was elected Mayor most recently in 2014 in Bergkamen. He won the election in the first round against three candidates, with nearly 70% of the vote.After the City Council elections, nearly 60% of members are social democrats. As will come clear from the interview below, many of the...

European Social Democracy must re-invent itself

By Martin Winkler / 3 January, 2018

Social democratic parties find themselves in a deep crisis, losing ground in setting the political agenda and organisational power, reaching an existence-threatening extent. Was the year 2000 really the end of the social democratic century just like the liberal German-British sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf predicted in his essay in 1987?  ...

Socialist values and the EU

By Péter Balázs / 24 December, 2017

The greatest challenges of our age from a European perspective are specified and listed by the European Union or defined by its member countries in the EU context. Socialist and Democratic parties should reconsider the set of principles represented by the EU and upgrade mutual solidarity.   Social Democrats have...

Catalonia: The moment for politics, the moment for dialogue

By Esther Niubó / 12 December, 2017

Catalonia is experiencing a time of unprecedented political and social tension, the result of the irresponsibility of two governments that have been making electoral gains for years from a political confrontation without precedent in a democracy: a Catalan government, committed to achieving independence, even without the support of a majority...

Portugal’s left wing coalition government is delivering stability and growth

By Ana Catarina Mendes / 23 November, 2017

Portugal currently has a Socialist government that is underpinned by an agreement between all political forces on the left of the country’s political spectrum. The agreement has made it possible to achieve a political union of all the left wing parties. In government, these parties have delivered stability and growth....

Portugal’s left-wing success story

By Pedro Nuno Santos / 23 November, 2017

Following Portugal’s parliamentary elections on 4 October 2015, the Socialist Party (PS) was forced to take a decision: either to join the right-wing parties (PSD and CDS) in a grand coalition or to find an alternative solution that would allow a left-wing majority in Portugal’s Parliament.   Given the country’s...

Better work-life balance: Productive for businesses and employees

By George Pirinski / 15 November, 2017

Tackling women’s underrepresentation in the labour market and promoting equality between men and women are among the aims of the European Commission’s Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers. MEP Georgi Pirinski argues that the benefits of the new legal proposal include boosting business competitiveness and higher earnings and...

Stabilitocracy is not democracy

By Miloš Đajić / 14 July, 2017

Serbia has its 5th government in the last 5 years and its 15th since the introduction of the multi-party system in 1990. Since 2012 it has actually been essentially the same government led by the same man, who is intent on destroying democracy and democratic institutions, while concentrating power around...

Europe has to be truly social and more democratic

By Karl-Heinz Lambertz / 4 July, 2017

“The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities.”   This is from Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty. The same article also explicitly states that “these...

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