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A great window of opportunity for a progressive agenda in Europe

By Ania Skrzypek / 15 February, 2021

The 2019 European elections finally saw the turnout going slightly up. In parallel, Social Democrats noted an unanticipated positive result. Almost two years into the legislative period, despite the pandemic, the polls consistently show two tendencies. First, Europeans tend to be positive about the EU in numbers comparable to before […]

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The revenge of the ‘places that don’t matter’

By Andrés Rodríguez Pose / 4 September, 2020

Populism is on the rise all over the developed world. In many parts of Europe, populist parties have seen their share of votes multiply in recent years. The analysis of these movements often concentrates on the motivations of individual voters. But one crucial factor has largely remained under the radar: […]

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Dare to hope, Progressive Europe!

By Ania Skrzypek / 27 May, 2019

The country was portrayed as immensely divided, with many tensions, regarding separatists as well as an anti-democratic movement.

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Spain: a Socialist victory, based on a clear progressive agenda.jpg

Spain: a Socialist victory, based on a clear progressive agenda

By Beatriz Corredor / 8 May, 2019

PSOE’s 140th anniversary and a clear election victory: sticking to values, in the past and in the future.

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Spain: slow change for women’s rights

By Alazne Irigoien / 7 May, 2019

Despite the Progressives’ electoral success, a long way for women’s rights is still ahead.

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Spain: the far-right discourse during the campaign

By Luis Arroyo / 7 May, 2019

The Spanish far-right enters parliament – after a campaign relying on political branding reminiscent of fascism.

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Pedro Sánchez is facing his best opportunity

By Ignacio Martín Granados / 12 June, 2018

The polls placed the PSOE as the fourth political force and Pedro Sánchez’s leadership faded.

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Make Spain (and Europe) Great Again

By Laura Ballarín / 12 June, 2018

With a government made up of solid profiles and the hand of the European social democratic family, may regain the voice that Spain deserves in key EU debates.

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The independence movement against Europe

By Josep Borrell / 20 December, 2017

What kind of Europe does not support the secession of Catalonia?

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Speech by Josep Borrell about Catalonia’s Democratic Crisis

By Josep Borrell / 14 December, 2017

How could the councillor say that those who do not agree with the referendum on independence do not agree because they are not citizens ?

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