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Pedro Sánchez is facing his best opportunity

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Only three weeks ago, the polls placed the PSOE as the fourth political force, behind Ciudadanos, Podemos and the People’s party (PP), and Pedro Sánchez’s leadership faded. However, on 24 May an event occurred that would precipitate the developments that have turned the whole Spanish political landscape on its head in just one week. On… Read more »

Make Spain (and Europe) Great Again

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Pedro Sánchez, with a government made up of solid profiles and the hand of the European social democratic family, may regain the voice and the presence that Spain deserves in key EU debates one year away from the next elections to the European Parliament. Spain makes its debut as a government, and not just any… Read more »

The independence movement against Europe

Mr. Puigdemont, former president of the Generalitat (Regional Government of Catalonia), having been effectively “exiled” in Brussels remains highly critical of European institutions and their leaders, asking rhetorically: “What kind of Europe does not support the secession of Catalonia?” Indeed, the unilateral declaration of independence has not been recognised by any State of the Union… Read more »

Speech by Josep Borrell about Catalonia’s Democratic Crisis

Citizens of Catalonia, We are here because we have summoned ourselves to defend coexistence, pluralism and solidarity. And we must defend them. Because coexistence has been ruptured in this country. And we need to rebuild it. Political pluralism must be defended because it is not being recognised. When a president of Parliament dares to say… Read more »

Catalonia: The moment for politics, the moment for dialogue

Pour la version française, cliquez ici Catalonia is experiencing a time of unprecedented political and social tension, the result of the irresponsibility of two governments that have been making electoral gains for years from a political confrontation without precedent in a democracy: a Catalan government, committed to achieving independence, even without the support of a… Read more »

The Catalan labyrinth: is there a way out?

Pour la version française, cliquez ici Catalonia is mired in a labyrinth of separatist conflicts and demands that are hard to integrate within the current Spanish and European political structure. The situation in Catalonia is hard to understand for an outside observer unfamiliar with its historical and economic background. José Félix Tezanos provides that background… Read more »