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The left in contemporary Spain

By José Félix Tezanos / 2 February, 2017

During the first years of Spain’s political process of transition to democracy, the left wing vote was structured around one main, and at times practically hegemonic, party, PSOE, which came to win the support of over 40% of the electorate- 48% in 1982, 44% in 1986 and 43.1% in 2008-, […]

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The Spanish left faces its greatest challenge

By Ignacio Martín Granados / 2 February, 2017

Although it is often said that social-democracy has been in crisis since birth, it is no surprise that in recent years it has experienced particularly hard times. Without mentioning the collapse of PASOK, it is years since the German SDP achieved more than 25% of the vote, the French Socialist […]

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