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Czech social democrats find themselves in a government trap.

Czech social democrats find themselves in a government trap

By Filip Outrata / 18 September, 2019

The disadvantageous government coalition with the pragmatic-populist ANO party (Renew Europe) led by Andrej Babiš is a threat.

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The Iberian driver for European Social Democracy

By Javi López / 5 September, 2019

The Iberian Peninsula is sending out a message of hope to the rest of the European continent.

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Social Impacts of Transition.jpg

Social Impacts of Transition

By Mitchell A Orenstein / 30 July, 2019

In a number of countries, authoritarian nationalist governments have come to power, promising to right the perceived wrongs of the transition period.

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Hungarian democracy - from best in class to failing grade?.jpg

Hungarian democracy – from best in class to failing grade?

By Péter Niedermüller / 30 July, 2019

Viktor Orbán’s populist illiberal government creates and benefits massively from polarisation of the Hungarian society.

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The way forward- a Popular Front.jpg

The way forward: a Popular Front

By Paul Mason / 23 May, 2019

The unity, as in the early 1930s, will have to be built from below.

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Spain: slow change for women's rights.jpg

Spain: slow change for women’s rights

By Alazne Irigoien / 7 May, 2019

Despite the Progressives’ electoral success, a long way for women’s rights is still ahead.

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Spain: the far-right discourse during the campaign

By Luis Arroyo / 7 May, 2019

The Spanish far-right enters parliament – after a campaign relying on political branding reminiscent of fascism.

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Slovakia: What can the European Left learn from Zuzana Caputova's victory?.jpg

Slovakia: what can the European Left learn from Zuzana Caputova’s victory?

By Jakub Patočka / 24 April, 2019

Čaputova’s success poses a strategic dilemma, but there’s also hope for post-soviet societies’ aspirations to become better places for all.

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Why millennials aren't voting anymore, and what it means for progressives.jpg

Why millennials are reluctant to vote – and what it means for Progressives

By David Harley / 14 April, 2019

Millennials often don’t cast their votes and rarely support centre-left parties – how for Progressives to react?

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Social Democracy daring to be more radical.jpg

Social Democracy: daring to be more radical

By Fabien Escalona / 11 March, 2019

Social Democracy had no coherent response to the Great Depression and the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

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