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A night to remember: a new dawn for Istanbul (and Turkey)

By Vassilis Ntousas / 27 June, 2019

Ekrem İmamoğlu’s landslide victory in Sunday’s re-run of the mayoral election in Istanbul will have an important impact not only for the city’s future, but also for the future of Turkey’s ailing democracy. What are the reasons behind this result, which marked the ruling AK party’s biggest defeat in almost...

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Reflections on the June 2018 Turkish Elections

By Nebil İlseven / 27 June, 2018

The elections on June 24 served as the “finishing touch” in realizing the structural alteration of the political landscape of the country as was ratified by an earlier referendum in 2016. The elections were a procedural step forward with the implementation of constitutional changes whereby the ruling party cemented its...

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A moment of truth: Turkish elections as a policy challenge for progressive Europe

By Makis Mylonas / 8 June, 2018

After a long period of political turmoil, on June 24th Turkey is heading towards snap presidential and parliamentary elections, following President Erdogan’s decision to launch the election process much earlier than in November 2019, when his current mandate would normally expire. Practically, the call for snap elections accelerates the implementation...

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