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Electoral contagion: the UK coughs and Ireland sneezes

By David Kitching / 20 December, 2019

For Ireland, there is no such thing as a good Brexit. However, if they must now accept Brexit as inevitable, there are a few fundamental protections that cannot be undone.

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Britain’s warning to social democracy across Europe

By Patrick Diamond / 20 December, 2019

Brexit and Corbyn are not the more fundamental reasons for British Labour Party defeat

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The Brexit (and more) election

By Richard Corbett / 15 November, 2019

if the Conservatives secure a majority of seats in the Commons, then Brexit will happen next year. If they don’t, then there will be a new referendum. But anything can happen.

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Theresa May is trying to pre-empt Brexit difficulties – it could backfire!

By Richard Corbett / 18 May, 2017

The campaigning choice for Labour is obvious.

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Party before country

By Jan Royall / 12 May, 2017

I am a passionate democrat but this election is completely unnecessary, a direct consequence of the depressing and disastrous result of the referendum on membership of the European Union, when David Cameron put party before country.   Once Theresa May became Prime Minister it became clear that, like David Cameron, […]

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Britain’s Brexit Election: Why now and what next?

By Stewart Wood / 9 May, 2017

When Theresa May called a snap general election in April, she took Britain by surprise. It shouldn’t have. Riding high in the polls and with her opponents in trouble, Theresa May wants a mandate for a tough Brexit negotiating position, and a majority in Parliament for her own domestic agenda. […]

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Shaping the campaign

By Patrick Diamond / 2 May, 2017

This post originally appeared on the Fabian Society website The opinion polls currently point towards a general election result for the Labour party so catastrophic it leads to a political earthquake and the long-term realignment of British politics. Theresa May’s Conservatives are significantly ahead on critical indicators of electoral performance: […]

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Promises, promises

By Deborah Mattinson / 1 May, 2017

After the ‘longest suicide note in history’ back in 1983, Labour, on its journey towards modernisation, latched on to the idea of the ‘symbolic policy’: a policy that illustrates a party’s long term values and vision while also connecting strongly with voters. The sale of council houses, introduced by the […]

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The next steps

By Richard Corbett / 9 March, 2017

What will the next steps be in the EU, once the UK has notified its intention to leave, presumably by the end of March ? 

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UK election reaction: The staging post to power?

By Andrew Harrop / 18 January, 2017

A Labour prime minister did not enter 10 Downing Street following the re-cent general election. But the June election must still be chalked up as a huge success for the Labour party and a personal triumph for Jeremy Corbyn. To go from 30 per cent of the vote to 40 […]

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