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Visegrád Plus: is there a chance to go beyond the Eastern discomfort? .jpg

Visegrád Plus: is there a chance to go beyond the Eastern discomfort?

By Ania Skrzypek / 25 October, 2019

Towards the end of the previous legislative period, the so-called V4 (Visegrád Group) countries came to a peak point of resentment in their relations with the European Union. To be clear, they would not always act together or conspire to arrive at Brussels summits with a consolidated agenda. But nonetheless...

Visegradism = egocentrism as a political program

Visegradism = egocentrism as a political program

By Petr Pospíchal / 10 October, 2019

Overcoming the anti-European ideology of “visegradism”, which is currently present in Central Europe will not be easy, but it is crucial to at least try.  “We know what we are doing and we basically won yesterday. We blocked it.”  These were the words that the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš...

Social Impacts of Transition.jpg

Social Impacts of Transition

By Mitchell A Orenstein / 30 July, 2019

The post-communist transition is often viewed as an economic success story in the West – even though with difficulties. Many in the East, however, have painful memories. In a number of countries, authoritarian nationalist governments have come to power, promising to right the perceived wrongs of the transition period. Thirty...

Slovakia: What can the European Left learn from Zuzana Caputova's victory?.jpg

Slovakia: what can the European Left learn from Zuzana Caputova’s victory?

By Jakub Patočka / 24 April, 2019

The resounding victory of the Slovak environmental activist and public interest lawyer Zuzana Čaputova in the Slovak presidential elections shows that it is possible to beat the rising tide of xenophobic policies in post-soviet countries. It almost looks like a story too nice to be true. For some time already,...


Paradoxes of the Slovak Left

By Boris Zala / 26 June, 2018

SMER- Social Democracy is a successful political party but its paradox is that it is not able to address the younger generation, progressive urban strata and more civic and green thinking people. This is simply because of the conservative rhetoric and public narrative of its leaders, particularly its long standing...

The State of Left in the Visegrad group : The left succeeds when people start believing in a better future

By Vladimír Špidla / 26 June, 2018

Political developments in the Czech Republic are not regionally specific. They are part of a broader development of modern society. It resembles developments such as in Italy. Key features of these developments are weak parties, a feeling of distrust about the future and a fear of change. Vladimír Špidla, a...

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Poland’s Left: Fragmented and in disarray

By Maria Skóra / 20 June, 2018

In the 2015 parliamentary elections, the results of the Polish Left were not good enough to enable them to win seats in the Polish parliament. Today, the biggest problem on the path towards challenging the governing national-conservative PiS party is that left wing parties are fragmented. Maria Skora looks back...

Social democracy in Poland: Past, present, future

By Jacek Zakowski / 20 May, 2016

Does the Polish Centre-Left have a chance in a state that is governed by PiS? Exclusively and absolutely! If it is to be established. The opportunity is now perhaps greater for the progressives that is has ever been for the last quarter of the century. There is a very simple...

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