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Work-Life Balance

Creating a European Labour Authority: what are the political and legal constraints?.jpg

Creating a European Labour Authority: what are the political and legal constraints?

By Sofia Fernandes / 31 October, 2018

The creation of a European Labour Authority (ELA) is part of the European Commission’s initiatives aimed at ensuring fairer worker mobility within the EU. The challenges to make it efficient and social however are high.   After proposing a revision of a set of European rules on the free movement...


#MeToo, the women’s revolution in need of progressive male ‘knights’s to transform the world

By isabella lenarduzzi / 7 August, 2018

For the last six months, not a week has gone by without there being a ‘victim’ of the #MeToo movement.At the time of writing, we are witnessing the Nobel Prize for literature being cancelled, six of the top leaders of Nike leaving the sports clothing company, Bill Cosby finally being...

EU’s working conditions' proposals good but more needs to be done.jpg

Protecting workers’ rights in a changing world of work

By Barbara Gerstenberger / 10 July, 2018

In her analysis of the European Commission’s proposals for a Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions, Barbara Gerstenberger looks closely at the growing challenges posed by non-standard forms of employment and new forms of employment (e.g. casual work and platform employment).   Changes in the world of work have...

EU’s working conditions' proposals good but more needs to be done.jpg

EU’s working conditions’ proposals good but more needs to be done

By Siôn Simon / 10 July, 2018

MEP Siôn Simon gives his views on the issue of workers’ conditions in the 21st century in the context of the Commission’s legislative proposals for more transparent and predictable working conditions. The exponential growth of online platforms like Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon has created a new challenge for employment rights....

A gender power battle to bring equality into the labour market is underway

By Paola Panzeri / 21 June, 2018

The #Metoo movement unveiled a reality that most of us were afraid to admit but somehow all had experience of: in order to work, women have to respond to extra demands and be silent about it. From signing (illegal) dismissal letters in case of pregnancy to being asked during a...

Transparent Work Life Balance.jpg

The EU law on transparent and predictable working conditions is positive

By Frank Lorenz / 21 June, 2018

Until now, the Written Statement Directive has led rather a shadowy life. Things are changing now! The appeal of combining an approach setting EU wide minimum requirements for employment contracts as the EU revises the existing Written Statement Directive is obvious. Looking at the issues in the German context, Dr...

Now is the time to make EU social rights a reality

By Luca Visentini / 6 February, 2018

The European Pillar of Social Rights was approved by all the EU’s member states in Gothenburg in November last year. It puts the social dimension back into the European debate and is the beginning of a process that must change people’s lives for the better. The hard work starts now...

How can the EU achieve better a work-life balance for its citizens.jpg

How can the EU achieve better a work-life balance for its citizens?

By Montserrat Mir Roca / 15 November, 2017

Back in April, the European Commission came up with proposals to improve people’s work-life balance through new or higher minimum standards for parental, paternity and carers’ leave. Montserrat Mir, European Trade Union Confederation Confederal Secretary, gives her view of the proposals and how work-life balance should be improved in the...

Better work-life balance Productive for businesses and employees employment.jpg

Better work-life balance: Productive for businesses and employees

By George Pirinski / 15 November, 2017

Tackling women’s underrepresentation in the labour market and promoting equality between men and women are among the aims of the European Commission’s Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers. MEP Georgi Pirinski argues that the benefits of the new legal proposal include boosting business competitiveness and higher earnings and...

Europe needs a coordinated mix of fiscal and wage policies.jpg

Europe needs a coordinated mix of fiscal and wage policies

By Ozlem Onaran / 10 November, 2017

Austerity policies coupled with rising inequality in Europe have resulted in a long period of economic stagnation. To end the vicious circle of chronically low demand, a slowdown in investment and productivity and economic, social and political instability we need coordinated action to develop sound fiscal and wage policies in...